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Hot Air Engine Models
(Edwyn Jones, Australia)

(Model Hot Air Engine Kits)


Vertical Hot Air Engine

It remains for some skilled and ambitious mechanist in a future age to repeat it under favorable circumstances and with complete success...." Rev. Dr. Robert Stirling (1790-1878)
..from "Stirling Engines" by G. Walker.


The idea for these kits came about through my enthusiasm to build something on my lathe that I could display in our home for visitors and friends to appreciate and enjoy.
My enthusiasm was fired by a strong interest in the mechanics of the Hot Air Engine Principle, and also working Mechanical Art. I extensively researched library books and various antique toys, and also attended several displays and exhibitions of mechanical models and hot air engines.

I eventually spent considerable time designing and developing several Hot Air Engine models, and completed them at home, using my lathe, and any available materials. After several requests from friends and other interested parties, I decided to assemble 'kits' for the home hobbyist, with the focus on ease of construction, and readily available materials to the home hobbyist.

All the kits are based upon 'Stock Bar Materials" so that hobbyists are able to make as many repeat models as they wish, once they have a copy of the working drawings. When completed, all models are fully working, demonstrating the Hot Air Engine Principle..
                                                                              Edwyn Jones









All models displayed on this website were constructed by myself.  Please do not copy these graphics for any purpose without my permission.


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